Terra West Testimonials

Terra West has been managing the community of Summit Point for as long as I have lived there, at least since 2006. However, I am certain Terra West was the managing company prior to my moving in for a number of years.

Our community manager is wonderful. She represents Terra West with the utmost professionalism. I could not ask for a better community management system. They are prompt, completely follow the direction of the Board of Directors, but  are also very good to guide is in situations where we need to rely on their expertise. The Board meetings are always well prepared and they keep us on track with regard ot the agenda. One of the things that impresses me most is that our community manager is hands on, and does not mind coming to the neighborhood to walk the areas of concern we may have.

I would definitely recommend Terra West for your community management.

- Sandra H


I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know about the excellent customer service I have received from Michelle Williams since she has taken over my account. Michelle has been extremely attentive to my concerns and questions regarding my home in Las Vegas and the new tenants who just recently moved in. She always takes my phone calls without making me wait for a call back and answers my questions thoroughly and informatively.  My wife and I both feel that Michelle is on top of all the pertinent details in regards to our home and credit her in helping to get a new tenant moved in so quickly.  In conclusion, Michelle Williams has in our opinion, been proactive and responsive, thus making my experience with her and Terra West a positive one.

Thank You,

- Jonathan H

We signed everything and sent it back to the Title Company on Wednesday. I think everything is in line for our closing. Will you let me know if everything happens on Friday. I want to thank you for everything on the sale...it happened quickly and I appreciate your professionalism. We also appreciate Terra West taking care of the rental for us.

Thanks again for everything.!

- Betty A

We have been a vendor for Terra West's property management division for more than a decade.  Joyce, Madeline, Alma and Michelle are absolutely the most professional and wonderful customers we have.  I always say you can tell a lot about a company by the way they treat their vendors.  If they are so good to the people they pay, imagine how well they treat the people that pay them! We've worked for all sorts of companies.  Most of them are only worried about themselves and their bottom dollar.  This is simply not the case with Terra West.  They genuinely care for their clients.  And the work that they and Joyce do with the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation is just heartwarming. Personlly, I think anyone in the market to rent a home would be lucky to have Terra West as their management company

- Jazlyn B / Yelp

We have owned a home in a Terra West property for ten years. I appreciate the fact that there are maintenance guidelines that residents are expected to conform to. As difficult as the real estate climate has been, the importance of well-maintained properties has never been more beneficial to homeowners.  We had been notified of a potential violation in recent months.  The communication from Stephanie Najera at Terra West made the experience very pleasant. As the point of contact while the board made a decision, Stephanie made us feel treated with respect and fairness. Her professional, yet sensitive approach was appreciated.

- Lorraine L / Yelp

Terra West Review – Silver Creek HOA has been associated with Terra West for about 2 years now. We have found them to be most helpful in securing bids, financial reporting, and making recommendations when requested. They are very professional and helpful to us. I recommend them highly.

- Val S / City Search

Stephanie Najera – I had an issue with neighborhood dogs in my backyard. Stephanie was prompt and professional in dealing with this issue. Best of all the issue was resolved!

- John B / City Search

Professionalism Personified – As an insurance agent specializing in insurance for HOAs, I have contact with many property management companies in Las Vegas. Sally Arnold and Michelle Ducan with Terra West are the most professional managers I have ever met. I can tell when I contact a manger whether he/she is working for their communities or trying to get out of work. These two ladies are the most professional managers I have ever met. I appreciate their courtesy towards me personally, and their interest in improving the communities they represent. I would highly recommend them to any association. Pergi Insurance & Financial Solutions.

- Pergi Insurance Agency / City Search

Cheryl Martin Shinning star at Terra West! – Terra West is one of the best if not the best property management companies in Las Vegas. I have a few properties here in town, and I am trying to "pull" the other neighborhoods in to Terra West. Cheryl Martin is AMAZING and her professional mannerism are the reasoning behind me "pulling" for TW in the other neighborhoods! Every HOA needs a Cheryl Martin!

Kand E / City Search

Terra West is the Best! – As president of our HOA, I am appreciative of the service Terra West Property Management provides our community. The staff they have in place goes out of their way to ensure the community they are tasked with is operating effectively and efficiently. During these tough economic times, homeowners look to a management company that can ensure the HOA is compliant and provides results in maintaining property values. Terra West has successfully provided this to our HOA. Sadly, some homeowners feel the management company is responsible for all the rules and regulations of a community—they are not. That is the role of the HOA Board of Directors who creates these rules…the management company is merely taking direction from the Board and enforcing these CC&R’s. The performance of a community management company can be directly measured by the effectiveness of an active Board. The results speak for themselves for those owners that choose to not enthusiastically participate or take pride within their community.  Prospective homeowners should always review the community’s CC&R’s closely before purchasing a home. If they do not feel they can adhere to the guidelines set forth, then perhaps the home within that HOA is not the right fit. Remember, your investment in an HOA is not only the home, but the common community shared by all. We reviewed many community management companies and continue to feel Terra West Property Management is the best company available. By managing more than 170 Homeowner Associations since 1979 and providing exceptional service, their success has resulted in the company's steady growth.

Bob K / City Data


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