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To listen to most community association management companies, you’d think the field is all about accounting, inspection and mailing services. Well, to be honest, if that’s all there was to it, we probably wouldn’t be in this business at all.

Truth be told, it’s a lot more interesting than that. When it’s done right, association management is about people, not paperwork. It’s about helping them create the kind of community they’re proud to live in. It’s about bringing people together for a common cause. And it’s about listening to residents to fulfill a common vision of what life can really be.

Sure, we’re experts at financials and mailers and inspections, too. Probably because we pioneered many of the processes and practices that the industry uses in Nevada and Utah today. But to us, we approach community association management the same way you would a friendship: with honesty, fairness, respect and integrity. Beyond that, we also bring you essential brass tacks such as:

  • Services. We bring you accounting, architectural and landscape control, community website services, delinquent assessment recovery, homeowner association compliance, board member training, inspections and financial reporting.
  • Availability. You get 24/7 customer services, always, through your community’s dedicated hotline.
  • Simplicity. Transitioning from your former community management firm to Terra West is made easy by your dedicated transition coordinator.
  • Attention. We assign our managers fewer communities so they can focus more on you.
  • Technology. We provide community websites so homeowners can view accounts and get essential information. There’s a portal for board members to get important documents, too.
  • Innovation. Our Tenant Registry© service enables the board to get detailed tenant information and help them observe the community’s rules.
  • Accessibility. We’ve got locations throughout Las Vegas, Henderson, Mesquite, Reno, and St. George, Utah.
  • Collections. We partner with a leading Nevada licensed collection agency, Assessment Management Services, for the timely filing of liens, foreclosure facilitation and other legal action. The costs for these services are paid for by the delinquent owner, not the association.
  • Partnerships. We’ve been here since 1979, so you can rest assured that our vendors are proven and battle-tested.
  • Transparency. Our all-inclusive pricing philosophy means you never get unpleasant surprises when you open your bill. Basically, you pay a monthly fee and postage costs. Period.

For specific information on how your Association can start enjoying the kind of quality service only Terra West can provide, please contact us:



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