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If you’re looking to rent, look no further.

If you’re hunting for a rental home, chances are you might be overwhelmed with the possibilities. Our Rentals Division has already pre-screened, previewed and pre-vetted nearly a thousand homes, which makes this the ideal place to start your rental home search.

We’ve assembled a collection of possibilities that are more spacious and private than apartments, more upscale than typical rental options, and more budget-friendly, too.

Here’s a look at everything you need to know about becoming part of the Terra West family of tenants:

  • Most of our homes lease for a minimum of one year.
  • Our qualification criteria are simple: good credit, no outstanding debts to landlords or utilities, good rental history, and a verifiable gross household income 3 times the monthly rent.
  • Getting started is easy. Just submit an application with $80 cash per potential resident, along with a $100 good faith payment toward the deposit. Once your application is accepted, the full security deposit is then payable within 48 hours. This holds your new home for 30 days, giving you a full month to move in. Rent begins the day you sign your lease and receive the keys. Please note: we only release keys after the rental agreement is signed by both parties.
  • Pets are accepted. While some of our homes do not allow them, we do have many properties that are pet-friendly, although you may encounter stipulations about the size, type, or number of pets. You’ll be asked to pay a pet fee for each pet, which varies per property (the minimum is $200). Of course, these restrictions don’t apply to service animals.
  • We’re there for you. As a full-service management company, we’re your first point of contact when you need service or repairs. You can reach out to us 24 hours a day, seven days a week – even on holidays.
  • We make the application process easy. Complete your application and submit it with your $80 cash fee for each potential tenant, along with the $100 good faith payment toward the deposit. Anyone over 18 who is not a dependent must fill out an application and sign the lease (sorry, we don’t allow co-signers). A completed application is usually processed within 24 hours. You must have a verifiable source of gross monthly income equal to 3 times the rent. Please show proof of income with 6 pay stubs. If you’re self-employed, please provide 12 months of bank statements or tax returns for the past two years.

Ready to begin? Here are some tools to help you get started:

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