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For over 40 years, Terra West has been at the helm of the community management industry in Las Vegas, leading the way with ideas, growth, and innovation. We’ve been at the forefront of the ever changing landscape of the housing market and development in Southern Nevada, and adapted to meet those specific management needs by offering personalized services and advanced technologies for homeowners, renters, investors, board members, builders, and vendors.   Since our inception in 1979, we have expanded to service Henderson, Reno, and Mesquite, NV, as well as St. George, UT.


We’ve grown to be the largest privately owned management company in Nevada, but we still honor the culture and values that founded our brand. Our commitment to fostering trust and respect with our clients and customer with sheer transparency has defined us from the start. With 284 communities, 542 single family homes and 165 employees we pride ourselves on honoring and identifying these tenets. In a world that is always reinventing itself, our reputation remains a driving factor in why new generations choose us to partner with for their management needs. Because through the years the definitions of housing has changed, but the meaning of home has remained the same.

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