Community Management FAQs

How do I complete my initial account set up online?

As you log into your account for the first time please note you will need your account number, Management ID and your Association 3 code (All information can be found either on your statement and/or coupon book). Once you have this information proceed to the ‘HOA’ tab found on our General Information page.

Where do I find my association documents? (Governing Docs/By Laws/CC&Rs and the Budget & Financials, Meeting Minutes)?

All documents are going to be available on your Association’s web portal or upon request to your Community Manager or Assistant.

Where can I get a copy of my statement?

A copy of your statement can be obtained by logging onto your account on the Association’s web portal or upon request from your Community Manager or Assistant or by calling our Accounting Department at 800-726-1991.

Where can I find the next meeting dates for my association?

All information regarding your association can always be obtained by contacting your Community Manager, Assistant or the Association’s Web Portal.

How do I locate my violations?

Any applicable violations will be listed on your Association’s web portal.

What is the HOA Emergency phone number if I need to contact the Community Manager outside of business hours?

We can be reached in case of emergency after business hours, weekends and even holidays at 702-460-3505.

How do I Update My Contact Information?

Mailing Address: Please note all change of address requests should be made in writing (USPS, email or fax).
Please use this Change of Address Form to return to any one of our offices, or via email at

Name Change: As soon as a name change has been recorded with the Clark County Assessors Office, please notify the management office with the required information so your records may be updated. Name changes can be made with one of the following documents: Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree, or Grant Bargain Sale Deed in the case of a name that needs to be added or removed from the Owner of Record, or a name needs to be changed due to marriage or divorce.

How do I add an authorized person to receive information or act on my behalf for my property?

Please note that information can only be released to the recorded property owner(s) for any property.
In order to grant another person authorization, a release form must be filled out and signed by the property owner then returned to our office.

HOA Accounting

Can I make a payment by phone?

Terra West is unable to accept any payments by phone. We accept personal checks, cashier’s checks, and/or money orders. Cash payments are not accepted. You may also visit your association’s web portal to make a payment online.

Where can I find my balance?

Please call our Accounting department directly at 800-726-1991 or go to your association’s web portal to pull your account history.

Can you waive my late fee?

After paying your Assessment in full, a request for waiver may be filled out. The Board of Directors will consider the request at an upcoming meeting and in the case a decision has been made, a Letter of Determination will be sent to you.

Where can I find my Management ID, Association ID & Account number to pay online?

Your Management ID varies depending on your HOA and the bank they use. All three numbers can be found by referring to your statement’s payment stub or coupon scan line.

What service fees apply to make a payment online?

Fees vary depending on the 3rd party payee that processes the payment. All fees will be listed prior to payment being processed.

My account has a missing payment. How do I get this resolved?

Please call our Accounting department directly at 800-726-1991. Each issue will be researched and resolved on a case by case basis.

Recovery Services (Collections)

If I received a 60-day delinquency notice, can I call and pay my Assessment over the phone?

Terra West does not accept payments over the phone. Any payments can be made by mailing a check or making a payment online.

When the status of my account is at 60 days delinquent, can I pay online?

Yes. The system will instruct owners to contact Terra West directly, however, owners can continue to make their online payment while the account is on the 60-day delinquent status.

I did not receive my statement and as a result forgot to pay my assessment.

Please note that Terra West sends out statements out as a courtesy reminder. Your HOA Assessment is your responsibility whether you receive a statement or not. Setting up your account for auto pay will always be the best option to avoid late fees.


How do I order a Demand, Resale Package, or other documents for the purchase of a home?

All documents can be purchased through All fees are posted on the site.

Can Title request information for the seller?

Account information will only be released to the homeowner or any of its authorized agents. Agents requesting access to the homeowner’s account can complete an authorization form, but it must be signed by the homeowner, no exceptions.

Why have I not received a statement?

Most likely this is due to Terra West not receiving any documents yet. Please note: Title can take up to 30 days to send in documents with funds. However, if the recorded deed is sent to us, we can update the account within 24 hours.

How long does a transition take?

Please note: Transitions can take up to 60 days to complete(There has been times where it can extend beyond that point). The speed depends on the prior management providing the necessary documents in a timely manner. Terra West will strive to complete the transition within 60 days. In the event there are setbacks, this will be communicated to you immediately.

What is the New Account Set-Up fee?

Please request your specific New Account Set-Up fee by emailing Please note requester needs to be the Owners or be authorized by the Owner.

Is there a capitalization fee?

Please email for specific information. Please note requester needs to be the Owners or be authorized by the Owner.

HOA Board Members

How does Terra West’s payables system work?

Invoices are entered within 24-48 hours. They are stored in DocuWare for review by the Manager. If your association is on E-sign, then the board will log in to approve invoices. If not, then the Manager will approve them. Checks are cut every Tuesday.

Can checks be requested outside the normal check run?

Checks can be cut outside the normal check run by request and will be charged according to the management contract. Checks requested outside the normal check run can take up to 24 hours to complete.