Owner Services

Get the most of your rental property with Terra West.

What you can expect:

  • Experienced Marketing. When listing your rental, we’ll make sure it gets the highest exposure locally, regionally and nationally.
  • Competitive fees. Our compensation structure is straightforward: $200 initial set-up fee due at the signing of the property management agreement; $350 Leasing Fee, $500 reserve account balance maintained by the owner for normal operating expenses; $250 lease renewal fee if the tenant renews for another year; and a 8% monthly on collected rent (reduced to 7% if we manage five or more single-family residences for you).
  • Maximized rental rates. We’ll conduct a thorough assessment of the market and comparable properties to help you determine the best possible rental price for your property. We’ll even conduct a free Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) at no cost – and with no obligation.
  • Quality Tenants. We thoroughly screen each tenant applicant to ensure quality to help protect your investment.
  • Shorter Vacancies. We have invested in industry-leading software to help us market your property and fill vacancies faster.
  • Accurate and timely accounting. Statements are sent the third week of each month that details all income and expenses. We’ll also include a copy of all repair bills. We disburse your proceeds via direct deposit each month. You’ll receive a 1099 for your tax records, too.
  • Property inspections. We’ll conduct a thorough inspection of your property before it’s leased and immediately after a tenant moves out.
  • Timely and trusted repairs. All of our vendors are licensed, bonded, insured, and the absolute best at what they do. We partner with leading contractors for cleaning, painting, stucco repair, roofing, garage doors, landscaping, pool maintenance, locksmiths and more. We’ll never authorize more than $500 in repairs without your approval beforehand, unless it’s an after-hours emergency. We ask that all owners pay for improvements and repairs that are the result of standard wear.