Terra West Management Services


Please fill out this form to start the set up process. As you log into your account for the first time please note you will need your account number, Management ID and your Association 3 code (All information can be found either on your statement and/or coupon book).

All documents are going to be available on your Association’s web portal or upon request by contacting Customer Service or reaching out to your community email address.

A copy of your statement can be obtained by logging into your account on the Association’s web portal, upon request by contacting your community email address, or by calling our Accounting Department at 800-726-1991.

All information regarding your association can always be obtained by contacting your Community Management team’s email address or the Association’s Web Portal.

Any applicable violations will be listed on your Association’s web portal.

We can be reached in case of emergency after business hours, weekends, and holidays at 702-362-6262.

Mailing Address: Address change requests must be made in writing or you can fill out this Change of Address form. You may give the form to any one of our offices. Name Change: The Name Change form can be obtained by contacting Customer Service or on the Assosciation’s web portal. As soon as a name change has been recorded with the County Assessors Office, please notify the management office with a recorded copy of the name change document so your records may be updated. Name changes can be made with one of the following documents: Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree, or Grant Bargain Sale Deed in the case of a name that needs to be added or removed from the Owner of Record, or a name needs to be changed due to marriage or divorce.

Please note that information can only be released to the recorded property owner(s) for any property. In order to grant another person authorization, an Authorization and Release Form must be filled out and signed by the property owner then returned to our office. The form can be obtained by contacting Customer Service or in the Association’s web portal.

Terra West is unable to accept any payments by phone. We accept personal checks, cashier’s checks, and/or money orders at any of our branch locations. Cash payments are not accepted. You may also visit your association’s web portal to make a payment online via e-check, credit or debit card. A convenience fee may apply.

Please call our Accounting department directly at 800-726-1991 or go to your association’s web portal to pull your account history.

After paying your Assessment in full, a request for waiver may be filled out. The Board of Directors will consider the request at an upcoming meeting and in the case a decision has been made, a Letter of Determination will be sent to you. All waiver requests must be submitted in writing and can be routed to the community email or customerservice@terrawest.com.

Your Management ID varies depending on your HOA and the bank they use. All  three numbers can be found on your statement’s payment stub or coupon scan line or by contacting us at customerservice@terrawest.com or 702-362-6262.

Fees vary depending on the 3rd party payee that processes the payment. All fees will be listed prior to payment being processed.
Please call our Accounting department directly at 800-726-1991. Each issue will be researched and resolved on a case by case basis.

Yes. The system will instruct owners to contact Terra West directly, however, owners can continue to make their online payment while the account is on the 60-day delinquent status.  If your account has been tendered to collections, you will need to contact the collection company as outlined on the correspondence sent to your maligning address of record.

Please note that Terra West sends statements as a courtesy reminder.  Setting up your account for auto pay will always be the best option to avoid late fees.

All documents can be purchased through Homewisedocs.com. All fees are posted on the site.

Account information will only be released to the homeowner or any of its authorized agents. Agents requesting access to the homeowner’s account can complete an Authorization and Release Form, but it must be signed by the homeowner, no exceptions.
Title can take up to 30 days to send in documents with funds. Once received, the paperwork processing time may take up to 21 business days.

Please note that transitions can take 60 days or more to complete.  The speed depends on the prior management providing the necessary documents in a timely manner. Terra West will strive to complete the transition within 60 days.

The account set-up fee is an administrative fee that is charged for the closing and opening of homeowner accounts as they relate to real estate transactions.

This information can be found in your association’s governing documents, as well as, in the Demand and Resale package. The Demand and Resale Package can be obtained by going to Homewisedocs.com.

Invoices are processed through AvidExchange for review and approval by the Board of Directors. Once they have gone through the approval process, checks will be issued.

Checks can be cut outside the normal check run by request and will be charged according to the management contract. Checks requested outside the normal check run can take up to 24 hours to complete.

Your community portal is used to access your communities governing documents, see your assessment balance, community financials, forms, and more. Visit the HOA Login to access your community portal. If assistance is needed, please email  customerservice@terrawest.com. Included in your community portal is a link that will direct you to your community bank. This bank portal is a third party secure payment processing website that is monitored by the financial institution. Any questions or troubleshooting should be directed to the bank associated with your community, as Terra West does not manage this website.

Please contact your management team by emailing your community email address or customerservice@terrawest.com.

If you would like to sign up for ACH through Terra West, complete and submit the attached form with the required documents for processing. Please be advised that you will need to pay off any past due balances prior to your ACH being activated. You can sign up for owner initiated recurring payments via your communities bank payment portal. Please log into your community portal and click on the bank payment link to get started.

 ACH/Direct Debit, if submitted via the enrollment form, is set up and managed by Terra West. Any changes to assessments will automatically be updated. Owner iniated payments can be made with the bank associated with your community and is controlled by the owner. Any changes to the assessment amount must be updated by the owner via the bank payment portal.

Property Management

Rent is due on the 1st day of each month. If the 1st falls on a weekend or holiday, please make an effort to pay your rent beforehand. Postmark dates are not considered. Payments can be delivered to any of our office locations by the close of business on the 1st, or can be made online any time on the 1st.

Late fees apply if rent is not paid on time. Please refer to your lease agreement for late fee charges.

We can be reached in case of emergency after business hours, weekends and holidays at 702-854-1920.

Yes, you have until the 3rd of the month to pay rent without being charged a late fee.  Please note if the 3rd falls on a weekend or holiday, you must pay your rent in person, online or by mail by the close of business the previous business day.

Yes, you have the option to pay online or at several locations throughout Las Vegas, such as 7/11 and CVS. Please contact one of our customer service representatives at 702-880-4670 for details and participating locations.

You can view your statements by logging into your owner account. Statements are mailed out monthly upon request.
1099s are mailed out no later than January 31st for the previous year’s rental income. Your 1099 will show your total gross rental income for the previous year.  You will also receive an annual statement showing all your expenses for the previous year (management fees, etc.).  You should consult your accountant for more detailed information about income, expenses, and your individual taxes.